WebTransfer ZH : Help / FAQ

Information on how to use WebTransfer ZH can be found here:

user guide (german only)


How much does it cost to use this service?
The service is provided free of charge.

What is the maximum file size for uploads?
The maximum size per file is 10 GB and all files together can't exceed 10 GB.

How secure is WebTransfer ZH?
Sending files via WebTransfer ZH is generally safer than sending them by email, as the transfer is encrypted. However, if the wrong recipient email address is entered, an unauthorised person may be able to view the files. You can therefore specify that the recipient has to enter a password to retrieve the files. The recipient must be given this password by telephone or email, for example – it must not be disclosed via the file transfer itself.

You can make the transfer even more secure by encrypting the files on your computer and protecting them with a password before uploading them. This can be done with the free software 7-ZIP, for example.

Important: you are solely responsible for ensuring that the transfer is secure and for respecting the relevant data protection provisions.

Can the uploaded files be indexed by search engines?
If the search engine discovers the link, it could in theory index the files. Although a search engine cannot discover the links on this website, they could be discovered if the recipient publishes them elsewhere on the Internet. Meta tags have been incorporated into the pages on which the uploaded files are listed, in order to prevent search engines from indexing them. However, there is no guarantee that this protection mechanism will work.

Problem solving

The recipient has not received an email to retrieve the files.
  • Please check your confirmation email to verify that you entered the recipient’s email address correctly and repeat the transfer if necessary.
  • Please repeat the transfer and enter your own email address as an additional recipient. You can then forward the email containing the file retrieval link to the recipient.
  • Ask the recipient whether the email from no-reply-webtransfer@zh.ch may have been deleted or moved by their spam filter.
  • Contact our Service Desk datenlogistik@bd.zh.ch or 043 259 39 09
The transfer is not possible and the following message appears:
„This service may not be used for your selected combination. Please use your official work email address.“ Either you (the sender) or one of the recipients must have a valid email address in the Canton of Zurich’s address information system (ZHdirectory). If you are an employee of the cantonal administration, a commune or another cantonal organisation or institution, please check that you are registered in the ZHdirectory.